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  • Elise

    30 48.39%
  • Audrey

    32 51.61%
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    Please Vote!!! Baby due any moment and still undecided!

    Our little girl is due to arrive any day and I am so tired of going back and forth over names-- we've analyzed every aspect of our favorite names, turned them over hundreds of times, listed pros and cons, looked at meaning, fit with our last name, popularity, etc... and I still feel like there is no clear winner, so here's one more poll. Without me rehashing all the details, please just simply vote for the name you like and comment on why if you are so inclined! My only request is not to vote based on popularity of the name--that's the one thing I just don't care about. I'm not trying to find the most unusual name, just a name that my daughter can wear with pride through every stage of her life. Thanks!

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    They're both beautiful. But I like Audrey best. It's just such a classy feminine name that seems more accessible than Elise. Elise is a but more snooty name to me, although it is very proper and beautiful as well. What about Audrey Elise or if you prefer Elise Audrey? Audrey Elise sounds so pretty and original as well.
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    They're even...might as well go with Audrey Elise. She sounds bright, focused, probably a straight A student. Best wishes!

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    Elise gets my vote. Much as the Audrey is fabulous as Audrey Hepburn - I still think of it as a name for an old lady. But Elise is pretty for a little girl and also elegant for when she is older.
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    They're both great. I slightly prefer Elise. It's a little prettier and has some nn options (Elle, Ellie). But you really can't go wrong! Congrats and good luck!

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