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    Aubrey/Aubree - only is spelled CORRECTLY = AUBREY, otherwise you are just trying too hard

    Tessa - sounds like nickname, has no spark or weight on its own

    Fiona - quirky and feminine, great pick

    Emma - waaaaaaaaaaaaay to popular, will have oodles of Emmas, Emilys, Em-- girls in her classes

    Norah - prefer Nora, has lots of charm and

    Alivia/Livia - again, you are trying way too hard, go with OLIVIA if you really like these way to similar names. otherwise your kid will be getting 'did you say Olivia' her whole life. and its extremely popular, another Emma

    Keira - automatically think Knightley or Segdwick (even though the latter is spelled Kyra)

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) - maybe Josephina, not exceptional. plus: Josie is a great cutie nickname

    Adrienne - somehow doesnt live up to its boy turned girl 'risk', boring

    Arianna (Aria) - because of the syllable break between Ari and anna the nickname Aria seems forced, again you are trying too hard. just use the name Aria if you like it so much. Aria-na sounds weird and no one will say it right

    Vanessa (Ness) - overly used, boring

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    Ooooh someone considering Keira makes me happy. Definitely my favourite. I don't love the others
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    Aubrey/Aubree - Dislike the Aubree spelling, not a huge fan of it really at all. Not my style.

    Tessa - I want to like it, but I'm not a fan. Plus, Tessa Wright feels like such an insubstantial name.

    Fiona - Ooh, I like this one, especially with last name Wright. Fiona Wright is absolutely beautiful.

    Emma - Too trendy. Emma Wright is boring.

    Norah - Prefer Nora spelling. Pretty, but since you have a conventional last name, I'd make this short for something. Eleanora Wright is so much better than just Nora/Norah.

    Alivia/Livia - If you're using Alivia, spell it Olivia. It's visually unappealing, and she'll have to correct the spelling on hundreds of papers. Olivia is just too popular. Livia isn't bad, but feels like a nickname for Olivia.

    Keira - Keira Wright sounds too close to Keira Knightley.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) - Okay, but too old-fashioned next to Gavin. This would sound great in the middle slot (Fiona Josephine is beautiful, as is Eleanora Josephine).

    Adrienne - Goes nicely with Gavin, but I'm not a huge fan.

    Arianna (Aria) - I like the name, but I'm not feeling it with sibling and last name combo.

    Vanessa (Ness) - The name is dated, but it's great with your last name. Vanessa Wright is admittedly catchy, and nickname Ness is adorable. Bit conflicted on this one.

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    Aubrey/Aubree -- Prefer the spelling Aubrey. But, don't care for this name.

    Tessa -- seems like it's missing it's a nn

    Fiona -- Shrek? sorry, it's what it makes me think of, just being honest!

    Emma -- love, but VERY popular

    Norah -- Norah Jones the singer, not a bad connection though!

    Alivia/Livia -- Just use Olivia

    Keira -- I like this, but not my style

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) -- It's okay

    Adrienne -- Meh.

    Arianna (Aria) -- I like it when it is NOT pronounced like 'air' and I like Aria

    Vanessa (Ness) - Just say Vanessa...Ness sounds like the Loch Ness monster..
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    Aubrey/Aubree - Bleh. Super trendeigh. Audrey would be gorgeous.

    Tessa - Eh....

    Fiona - It has the Shrek association, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Emma- I am SO sick of this name. Let it die. Or use Emmeline instead!

    Norah - Very nice.

    Alivia/Livia - Trendeigh. Olivia spelled correctly is nice but way too populra.

    Keira - Knightley.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) - Pretty, but I prefer this as a middle name.

    Adrienne- Nice. I also like Adriana, thanks to Adriana Lima.

    Arianna (Aria)- Nice as well. But very common.

    Vanessa (Ness)- Very cute.

    Overall, I think Norah Josephine would be amazing.

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