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    Aubrey/Aubree - dislike sorry, not my style for a girl at all.

    Tessa - adorable! i love it!

    Fiona - nice, but you have better options on the list.

    Emma - undeniably very popular/common, but i like it, goes very well with your surname IMO.

    Norah - great name, i love the H at the end actually.

    Alivia/Livia - livia is lovely - don't like alivia, i'd just go with livia wright.

    Keira - i like the name, not mad about the spelling. would prefer ciara.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) - very cute!

    Adrian - NMS at all, very masculine. even if you added "ne" at the end i'm still not a fan.

    Arianna (Aria) - cute nickname, but i don't like the full name at all.

    Vanessa (Ness) - YES! vanessa is very underused, it's gorgeous!

    favourites would be tessa, norah, livia, and vanessa!

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    These are my favorites

    Aubrey Vanessa

    Fiona Tess

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) Alivia/Livia
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    You asked people to tear the list apart so I did.
    Aubrey/Aubree no favorite of mine. Not my style. If you like go ahead!

    Tessa Again no favorite of mine. It's too cutsey little girlish to me. It sounds like the parents aren't planning for when she's grown up. I rather have a doctor named Eleanor than Tessa.

    Fiona a favorite of mine

    Emma I knew quite a lot of Emmas my age. (25) and now it's number 2. It's not just that it's popular. It's that it's so popular for so long. Goes with Michael for a boy. (although I like Michael so go figure)

    Norah Love this. I have several Norah Jones CDs.

    Alivia makes me think of Alvin.
    Livia prepare for confusion with Olivia for girls being so popular.

    Keira kind of a dated but still nice

    Josephine Love like how you plan to use the nicknames casually rather than exclusively. Oh I also like longer names with the one syllable last name.

    Adrian is a boys name to me. Girl versions would be Adrienne or Adriana. With Arianna on your list why not Adriana?

    Arianna or Aria I would pick one and use it.

    Vanessa Another favorite of mine. I think she sounds more dignified than Tessa.

    I would pick these as the top three
    1. Josephine
    2. Vanessa
    3. Fiona

    Other suggestions:
    Lavinia It reminds me of your Alivia, but won't get mixed up as much with Olivia.

    Cecilia possibly not spunky enough for you, but she's coming back.

    Amaryllis A tough to use or sell to others, but you have the perfect last name for this one, so I couldn't resist adding it to the list. Also lots of nickname potential.

    Daphne just seems your style.

    Esme a favorite of mine that seems to go with your style.

    Felicity I know you may not like long names, but I like this one and she sounds good with Gavin.

    Good Luck!

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    One more thing I am having trouble remembering but when I said Tessa Wright outloud; It sounded familiar like I already knew someone by that name. Just putting it out there.

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    Aubrey/Aubree: I feel like Aubrey is pretty Aubree is trendy and imo an unnecessary change of spelling to a well established name. I truly think the only way Aubrey can be fresh these days is on a boy.

    Tessa: This is still my favorite of your choices. Tessa is spunky and quirky while still being easily recognized and spelled. I think Tessa and Gavin is an adorable sibset. I know you were thinking of Tessa Lynne Wright I would suggest Tessa Fiona Wright or Tessa Arianna Wright from the names you already love or Tessa Emilia Wright.

    Fiona: beautiful name classic yet interesting but I prefer it in the middle with your surname. Fiona Wright just sounds off to me for some reason.

    Emma: lovely but so common and compared to many of your other choices just not as interesting but Emma Wright is pretty. When paired with Gavin it just seems a bit lackluster.

    Norah: Norah is my second favorite of your choices. Norah is lively and fun while still being able to be serious. I love Norah and Gavin and I think Norah Wright is beautiful and flows wonderfully. I still feel like Norah is missing the spark of Tessa though.

    Alivia/Livia: I don't personally love Olivia and Alivia just like a misspelled way to avoid the popularity without really setting the name apart from it's parent.

    Keira: I like the name a lot but I so much prefer Tessa or Norah. With Keira there may be some pronunciation issues and the name has so many varied spellings that it can make things a bit complicated. I do like Gavin and Keira though I think it's a nice sibset.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo): I have never been able to fall in love with Josephine it just seems clunky and not so pretty to me but I know a lot of berries really love it. The feeling of Josephine is also really different than Gavin if that matters to you.

    Adrian: I like Adrian and I don't mind the spelling but it is a bit unisex and seems very different from the other names you have listed here. Adrian Wright is cute but not as lovely as Tessa or Norah.

    Arianna (Aria): I like Arianna and the nn Aria is adorable. Arianna feels comfortable and confident without being showy. This would have to be my third favorite of your names. I think Gavin and Arianna is a pretty sibset and I like how both are familiar while still being a bit unexpected and different.

    Vanessa (Ness): I feel this is dated and I don't love the nn Ness. I don't have a great connotation of the name and I think its a bit dull compared to your other name loves.

    Great names can't wait to see what you go with
    name lover with a passion for art history and mythology married for going on five years to my much better half
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