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    Smile Tear apart my list








    Josephine (Josie, Jo)


    Arianna (Aria)

    Vanessa (Ness)

    Pick your favorites, help with middle names, other name suggestions..?

    Our surname is Wright.
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    I love all these names except Aubrey/Aubree and Alivia/Livia. I love Audrey so much that Aubrey feels to me like Audrey's evil twin. Similar story with Olivia/Alivia. For some reason Aubrey and Alivia dont feel classy to me.

    I thought Adrian spelled this way was a boys name. I would spell it Adrienne, which is lovely.

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    Aubrey/Aubree - Hate this. Trendy. Dated. Not good. (tear it apart, right? )

    Tessa - so cute. Tessa Josephine would be excellent.

    Fiona - like it, not really my style.

    Emma - too popular

    Norah - nice.

    Alivia/Livia - also hate this. Looks like Olivia, but parents thought it was too popular, so they switched a letter.

    Keira - adorable. Keira Renee or Keira Josephine.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) - Love it, especially with nn Posey. Josephine Noelle

    Adrian - NMS and I agree that this spelling says boy to me. Adrienne is better, but still NMS.

    Arianna (Aria) - I have a seriously bad association with this name. I like your nn tho.

    Vanessa (Ness) - this is ok, kind of refreshing to see. Vanessa Adrienne would be pretty.

    With your son Gavin Miller, I think I like Tessa best. They seem to go well together, kind of casual and modern.

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    The only name on your list I like is Fiona; the rest aren't really my style.
    No offense but I don't like Emma, Arianna, Alivia/Livia, Vanessa, and Adrian at all.
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    I like Livia and Keira. What about Livia Clementine and Keira Josephinr?
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