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    My favorites are in bold.

    Aubrey/Aubree - I think Aubrey is a bit overdone, and it doesn't excite me to hear it. There is nothing wrong with it and I would probably pair it with Grace.
    Tessa - I love this name. I think it's adorable for a little girl (I know one) and I can picture it on a woman of any age. It's not too popular and goes well with your last name and your son's name. I would pair it with Claire. Tessa Claire Wright sounds lovely.

    Fiona - like PPs, I associate it with Shrek. It's a shame because the name does sound lovely. I would pair it with something feminine like Fiona Annalise.

    Emma - I think it sounds nice with your last name and your son's name, but she'll likely be one of many everywhere she goes. Emma Violet sounds nice.

    Norah - I like it and prefer this spelling (with an h on the end). I don't think it's your best option as far as flow with your last name and your son's name.
    I would pair it with Jane. Norah Jane Wright?

    Alivia/Livia - Alivia looks misspelled, but Livia is quite nice and works with your last name and son's name. I like the sound of Livia Pearl Wright.

    Keira - I think this name is fine. It's not my personal favorite, but I can see the appeal. Keira Mae Wright doesn't sound bad, but Keira Wright is a bit R-heavy.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) - This is a great name, but such a different style from your son's name. I could see Gavin and Josie, but Gavin and Josephine is a bit off for me. Gavin is much more modern than Josephine. If the different styles don't bother you though, it does sound nice with your last name. Josephine Stella Wright has a nice flow to it.

    Adrian - I love Adriana, but Adrian is all boy to me. Adrienne is better, but I still prefer Adriana.

    Arianna (Aria) - I used to like this name, but someone recently mentioned to me that Arianna sounds like Aryan nation, and now I can't get that association of my head. Since it's a another R-heavy combo, I'd probably go with something soft like Molly. Arianna Molly Wright is a good combo.

    Vanessa (Ness) - I love this name, but prefer Nessa or Essie as a nn. I love that it's not used on babies too much right now. I think it has a classic style, which will fit right in with all the Isabella's and Sophia's, but she'll be more unique and won't have to have her last initial tacked onto her name all her life. I think it works with your last name and your son's name too. Since Vanessa is a genus of butterflies, I would pair it with something floral create a nature theme. Vanessa Rose and Vanessa Lily are both lovely. I also love Vanessa Mia.

    Other suggestions:
    Jacqueline nn Jackie
    Cecilia ♥ Vanessa ♥ Adriana ♥ Charlotte ♥ Viviana ♥ Tessa
    Adrian ♥ George ♥ Mark ♥ Leo ♥ Benjamin ♥ Julian

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    Aubrey/Aubree--not a favorite


    Fiona--lovely, but I'd disqualify it because of Shrek




    Keira--probably my favorite on your list

    Josephine (Josie, Jo)--as long as you call her Josie, otherwise...makes me think of an Italian grandma (maybe Seraphina?)


    Arianna (Aria)--Adrianna

    Vanessa (Ness)--pretty, but Ness makes me think of the Loch Ness monster

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    Aubrey/Aubree: Definitely the Aubrey spelling. This is a nice name, but I prefer it on boys.

    Tessa: One of my current name crushes. I love it, and I have off and on since I was a teen. Short but sweet, recognizable but not overdone.

    Fiona: So cute! I love Fiona and would love to meet someone with the name.

    Emma: A bit simple and overused for my tastes.

    Norah: Prefer it without the H, but nice. Ironically, in a story I wrote I had siblings Aubrey and Nora. Boy and girl, though

    Alivia/Livia: I know this is now a legitimate spelling of Olivia, but it just makes me cringe. I much prefer Olivia, even if it is very popular.

    Keira: A solid name, just not my favorite on your list.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo): LOVE! This is one of my favorite girls names. It is classic, has history, wonderful nickname options (might I suggest Posey?) and has literary connections as well. All things that make, IMHO, a great name

    Adrian: A nice name, if a bit dated to me. I think Adrienne would be better for a girl.

    Arianna (Aria): I'm a little sick of the Ari/Aria names. I know so many in my area, so I may be a bit jaded.

    Vanessa (Ness): Not a bad name. I like Nerissa a lot, which reminds me of it, especially since you like Ness as a nn.

    For me:
    Highs: Josephine, Tessa, and Fiona
    Lows: Alivia/Livia, Emma, and Arianna
    Marilyn Margaret Lucille
    Seraphine Lorelai Danielle

    Shane Benjamin Lee
    Sebastian Roger James

    Mommy to David Theodore John "Teddy" ~ June 2016

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    Wow guys! Thank you for all the feed-back, I agree that I think we need to use a longer name w/ our short surname..I just can't come to love many longer names, any other suggestions for longer names?

    I did fix the spelling of Adrienne!
    Mommy to one little prince (Gavin Miller)

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    Aubrey/Aubree- I strongly dislike the second spelling. Aubrey has always seemed like a snotty girl name to me. I much prefer Audrey.

    Tessa - I love this! It is such a sweet name and isn't very popular.

    Fiona-I like this also! Fiona Wright is a beautiful name!

    Emma- This is just too popular for my taste. Its a pretty name, but I know so many Emmas that it just isn't interesting anymore.

    Norah- I like this but prefer Eleanor(a) nn Nora. Also, it seems a bit 'R' heavy with your last name.

    Alivia/Livia- I strongly dislike this spelling of Olivia. Livia is okay, but not my favorite.

    Keira-Like this, but again a little 'R' heavy.

    Josephine (Josie, Jo) -LOVE! Enough said.

    Adrienne-This is okay, I don't really like or dislike it.

    Arianna (Aria)-I much prefer Aria! But Arianna breaks up the 'R's a bit more and flows better as a whole.

    Vanessa (Ness)-I like this also! So pretty.

    My favorites for Gavin's sister are Tessa and Vanessa. But I also love Josephine, but I think it would be better as a middle name. Tessa Josephine? Adrienne is also a good middle. For Vanessa, I think Aubrey flows well. Tessa Josephine Wright, Tesaa Adrienne Wright and Vanessa Aubrey Wright are my favorite combos.
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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