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    Thoughts on August as a brother name for...

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    I like it. I am a fan of all of your combos too. I do maybe like August Finn a little bit more than the others.
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    I like it. I think Holden, Sawyer, Izabella, and August work really well together, actually. Holden, Sawyer, and Izabella all have strong ties to literature/books, and while I can't think of an August in literature itself, Nameberry says there are two playwrights who are named August, and plus, I think August just fits with your others. I think it's great. I like August Finn and August Rhys the best, with a slight preference to Finn, although I think August Flynn would be fab, and would fit in so well with Holden, Sawyer, and Izabella!

    Good luck!
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    To me, it feels a little bit more traditional than more modern/casual (to me) Holden and Sawyer. But maybe using the nn Gus would alleviate that.

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    August Finn is my favorite combo, and I think that August goes great with siblings Holden, Sawyer, and Izabella.

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