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    Ugh, someone reassure me, please!!! (Caroline!!)

    Or, just tell me the truth! I have not once doubted our name choice; Caroline, since we made it until, yesterday My mom is in town visiting... we have already announced the baby name to all of family (and I have ordered personalized onsies for her, with the name Caroline), and my mom kept saying "aw, but a sweet Grace would be so cute with your other girls"... by the end of the day... I was starting to wonder if I should have went with hubby's first and Original favorite, Grace Caroline I was hoping to shake it over night, but this morning, I was still thinking... maybe we should go with Grace "Gracie"...UGH!!!!! So, Caroline Augusta Jane OR Grace Caroline Augusta (I am now going to have to put Augusta in somewhere, as hubby's side of the family is so thrilled we are using it (It was hubby's grandmother's name)...... Our other girls are Maggie, Kelsey-Rose, Emma, Mary-Elizabeth, Sophie-Claire, Sarah Katherine, Serena and __________
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    Caroline August Jane is PERFECT and goes wonderfully with your other girls! I like it much better than Grace. Don't worry about what your mom said.

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    Personally I really enjoy Caroline Augusta Jane. A stunning combo definitely. But I understand that you're wishing you could use grace too. My best Compromise is Caroline Augusta Grace. Still sounds nice, and your husband could fondly call her Gracie too. But if Jane was important, then I would stick with your original combo. It's a gorgeous name!

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    First of all, I wouldn't choose Grace, because as a one syllable name, it just sounds too abrupt at the end of your other girls' names.

    Secondly, Caroline is a wonderful name that sounds lovely with your other girls.

    Thirdly, your mom does not get to name your child.

    I prefer Caroline Augusta Jane, but if there's some reason to use Grace, other than the fact that your mom likes it, Caroline Augusta Grace works nicely.

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    I love Caroline Augusta Jane because that's MY style. I think either Caroline or Grace could fit with your girls. Would you feel comfortable waiting to meet her before you decide?

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