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    Help me think of some honor names?

    Here's a list of some important family members names. Maybe you can help me brainstorm variations to use for future children?


    Thank you!!

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    Do you want to use these as middles? Or first names? Or both?

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    I guess it depends on how the name feels to me. I would def love to find middles, but if I found something that really struck me I would use it as a fn!

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    Do you like any of the names as-is? I don't have a feel for your taste yet.

    Some of the obvious variations...

    Jean - Gene, Eugenia, Eugenie, Jeanne, John and variations like Sean, Ian, Johanna, Jane

    Mary - Rosemary, Mariel, Marian, Marybeth or Mary-Jane (Mary-Jane could technically over Jean as well)

    Christina - Christopher, Christian, Christiana, Christabel, Christine, Kristen, Kirsten, Christa

    Beatrice - Beatrix, or Bea is a cute one-syllable middle I've seen

    Laura - Laurel, Lauren, Laure (Marie-Laure)

    Frank - Frances, Francine, Francesca

    Irene and Isaac I'm stumped on, other than Irena and Ike.

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    I like the name Franklin as derived from Frank

    Franklin Isaac or Isaac Franklin has a nice ring to it.

    Lorelei derived from Laura. As in Lorelei Christine or Lorelei Marie.

    You can also do Beatrix instead of Beatrice. I love the name Beatrice but if you're looking to make it a MN i would probably pair it with another classic name.

    Catherine Beatrice
    Alexandra Beatrice

    or you can shorten it to Bea

    Eva Bea
    Nora Bea

    Current Favorites:

    Girls: Ruby, June,Penelope, Pepper, Matilda, Chloe, Arya, Aurelia, Cricket, Myfawnwy

    Boys: Jack, Phillip, Patrick, Sebastian, Bennett, Copper

    If I had a child tomorrow I'd name it:
    Ruby June or Sebastian Patrick

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