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    Juleigha, Elleighana... HELP

    Hey berries-
    The other day, I was at a family/friends party. (My sister is pregnant with her first child) My mother's co-worker's granddaughter's name was Elleighana. This got my sister thinking... My name is Julia, and our great grandmother's name is Leigh. (We also have an aunt named Lea, but I don't know if she wants to include this.. I thought of Julea) She came up with the name... Juleigha (pronounced exactly like Julia). What do you think about this name? She wants to honor both of us, but really have it known that she is honoring great grandma Leigh... she believes that if people see just the name Julia, they won't understand that she was trying to honor both me and GG Leigh, which for the most part, I can understand. I really can't grasp my head around the name Juleigha. I'm afraid my niece will end up going through a lot of correcting people, and spelling mistakes, etc.
    So here's the bottom line: Is Juleigha just too much? Or does it work?
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    That is ridiculous, I'm sorry. The sentiment behind it is nice, but it just comes off as a crazy "creative" spelling. Julia Leigh or Juliana Leigh would be so much better.

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    This was the wrong place to ask this question! (Almost) Everyone here is completely against unique spellings. However, I don't think Juleigha is too terrible. However, I get the urge to emphasize the Ju, as in JU-leah. I think Julea also looks like a typo for Jules, since the s and a are so close together on the keyboard.
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    Thank you, I agree. It is pretty ridiculous. I like the suggestion of Julianna Leigh; our cousin's name is Annaleigh, so this might just be the perfect name. I'll bring this up with my sister! Hoping she likes it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by elisabeth rae View Post
    That is ridiculous, I'm sorry. The sentiment behind it is nice, but it just comes off as a crazy "creative" spelling. Julia Leigh or Juliana Leigh would be so much better.
    I agree. Plus, when she's announcing names, people will likely know your niece's MN then. So it would be pretty obvious that it's for you and Leigh. Besides, what if she goes with Juleigha Camille, and they don't see it written down--I'm sure they'd just assume it was Julia Camille, and assume she was just trying to honor you. I don't know, I don't think it's a very good idea in the long run.
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