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    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

    Beckett | Jude | Nolan | Dalton | Max | Finn | Teague | Bram | Otis | Ari | Calvin
    Jane | Alice | Naomi | Fiona | Georgia | Gwyneth | Thea | Aviva
    Elena 'Laney' | Bridget | Cordelia | Evadne | Shea

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    My favorites from your list, that will also go nicely with O'Connor:

    Annabel (prefer this spelling)

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    Midwest USA
    Eleanor - like it. A bit popular here in the US.
    Abbey - I like Abigail better - and the trendiness of the Addy names puts me off it a bit
    Anabel - love it
    Clara - love it
    Cora - adorable, this was on our list
    Elizabeth (nn Lizzie, Beth) - eh. I like it, but it's not nearly as awesome as others on this list.
    Lyra - I like it.
    Madeline - love it
    Violet - we used it, so obviously we adore it it's getting more and more popular, which bothers me.
    Caoimhe (KWEE-vah) - not sure about this one. The written name seems much prettier than the pronunciation?
    Cliona (pronounced like 'Cleena' more than Cleo-na) - this is cute
    Clodagh (KLO-dah) - I like this one too
    Eden - very nice
    Fionnuala (finn-OOH-la) - this is ok.
    Matilda - love, but the popularity of the Maddy names turns me off
    Rachel - love it, classic but underused these days
    Sansa - i've never heard this one, but it is interesting
    Saoirse - I like this one
    Viola - I like Violet better
    Amelie - Very pretty
    Arya - I'm not up on the Thrones stuff, so I don't feel equipped to rate this one
    Bethany - pretty, bad association for me
    Brooke - very nice, my husband loved it, feels a little bit dated
    Celine - all i can think is Celine Dion, which I don't love
    Chloe - cute, seems trendy atm
    Emmeline - NMS
    Jane - LOVE. Although I like June even more.
    Julia - nice.
    Maeve (may-ve) - love this one
    Paige - NMS
    Seren - seems incomplete to me, I'm much more familiar with Serena

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    Anabel (though I prefer Annabel)
    Madeline (though I prefer Madeleine)

    Considering your last name, location, and heritage, I particularly love Saoirse and Maeve.

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    Eleanor - I like it, but not with your LN so much since they both end with -nor.
    Abbey - It's okay, but not my favorite. Maybe I watch to much Sesame Street with my daughter, but I think of Abby Cadabby.
    Anabel - I would spell it Annabel. Again, not my fav. It doesn't stand out from all the other -bel/-belle names.
    Clara - Very pretty. It reminds me of the girl in "Heidi". I prefer Clare myself, though.
    Cora - I like it, but I would use it as a nickname for Corrine or maybe Coraline. Also, I think it's gaining popularity because of "Downtown Abbey".
    Elizabeth (nn Lizzie, Beth) - I like it. I prefer Libby as a NN instead of Liaise, it's less expected.
    Lyra - I really really like it, but I can't get past the fact that it sounds like liar, plus the association with the Philip Pullman books. I enjoyed them, I just wouldn't name my daughter after them.
    Madeline - I've always love this name because of the books, but I feel like it's so common now.
    Violet - Love it! It makes me think of Violet Baudelaire from the Lemony Snicket books. I would name my daughter after those! My husband said no, though. Lol!
    Caoimhe (KWEE-vah) - I don't like the kwee sound.
    Cliona (pronounced like 'Cleena' more than Cleo-na) - Sounds like cleaner.
    Clodagh (KLO-dah) - It's okay.
    Eden - This is one of my least favorite names ever, but I know I'm a minority in that opinion...
    Fionnuala (finn-OOH-la) - I think I'm over all Finn names.
    Matilda - Love it! Another literary connection for me.
    Rachel - It's okay, but I think of the character from "Friends".
    Sansa - Not my style. Also a brand of electronics. I have a Sansa mp3 player.
    Saoirse - I can never remember how to pronounce it, but I'm sure you won't encounter that problem in Ireland.
    Viola - I prefer Violet. I don't like the ola sound.
    Amelie - Love it! I think of the movie.
    Arya - I don't like it.
    Bethany - I like it. It's my BFF's name.
    Brooke - It sounds dated to me, like a mean girl in a 90s teen movie.
    Celine - I like it. I think I prefer Selene though. A little less Dion.
    Chloe - I dislike it. I think of the Kardashian, even though this is spelled sensibly. Clodagh is much better IMO.
    Emmeline - I like it, it used to be one of my top names. Like Emma/Emily + Madeline. It reminds me of a character in "Anne of Avonlea".
    Jane - I actually really like it. It doesn't seem as plain anymore since no one uses it.
    Julia - It sounds a little dated to me, but it's not terrible. You have more interesting choices on the list, though.
    Maeve (may-ve) - I love it! It's my cousin's name, but if it wasn't I would have considered it for my daughter.
    Paige - Sounds dated. And I just never liked it, even when it was a fresher choice.
    Seren - It's okay I guess. I don't really have an opinion on this one. No frame of reference.

    It seems like you have about 3 different styles going on here. If you care about sibsets at all (I know some people don't), you may want to choose a favorite.

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