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    38 weeks pregnant and baby is still nameless

    My husband has always been set on the boy name Ezri it is a biblical name meaning "help or aid"
    I am not convinced and there starts our dilemma. He won't back down and I won't use ezri as a first name. He won't use it as a middle name. Males! Anyway, we have to somehow work this out as we are running out of time. After many tears and countless debates (naming a child should be a nice experience!) he has agreed to use a name that can be shortened to ezri but this is proving to be a very difficult task.

    We have considered these names but they are out for various reasons:

    Names we have considered:

    Names that I think could be ok:
    Hezekiah (haven't run this one past hubby yet)

    I am just getting so over this as there is no easy answer and I can't seem to find names thAt can be shortened to ezri. Any help or advice or suggestions would be awesome, thanks.
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    This is tough. The two best/easiest ways to get Ezri would be Ezra and Ezekiel or to just use Ezri. Too bad those are out. I couldn't think of any suggestions, but out of the ones in consideration I like Ebenezer the best. I do think of Ebenezer Scrouge so hopefully that association wouldn't bother you and your husband. Sorry I'm not much help.

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    I love Ezra, Azaria/Azariah, and Hezekiah.

    Eliezer and Eleazar are generally regarded as two separate (though related) names, don't know if Eleazar is workable if Eliezer is out?

    There's Eliraz, which means "my G-d is a mystery" but it's very obscure and not Biblical.

    There's Ezriel?
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