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    @ladybug99 You know I like your taste in novels. A lot. I really liked Incarceron and FIRE.
    For the air guy - I really REALLY like Orion now. xD I can't believe I didn't think of that before. Though I think for the girl I wasn't going to go with Joan of Arc because there are actually a couple of comparisons between Joan of Arc and Emilia (I'm considering the nn Em)
    For the evil king, I'm definitely now leaning towards Gideon.
    For the grandmother, honestly I still have a bit of thinking to do - both of my grandmothers never really had grandmotherly names, imo (Aliya and Xu Wen - I'm half Chinese)
    Navigator: I like Milo but mostly because I really liked Atlantis, lol. I think I might go with Miko - or Ethan...
    For the Archer - my original idea was to name her Archer but of course, I think a lot of people would think I got it from FIRE.

    Anyways - thanks! Your post helped a lot!
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    Also for the Navigator-- look at the blog post today of patron saints! I liked the idea... My favorites were Ambrose and Raphael
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    Sounds like an interesting premise!

    Earth: I really like Emilia. I think it's perfect for her character. Reyna and Nico work, though since it is futuristic, I'd opt for the Niko spelling. As for siblings, I'd change it to Niccola, Wallis (though I love the Woltar suggestion) and Dannel.

    Air: Tristan feels very overly romantic, and somehow overdone in, especially YA, lit. Tristan, Sebastian, Jasper, Dmitri...not feeling it. I LOVE the suggestion of Orion. I also immediately thought of Conor, what with the whole air thing the first thing I thought of was Eoin Colfer's Airman (it's a fantastic book, if you haven't read it). Conor Leblanc has a nice ring to it. Also consider Olivier (oh-liv-ee-AY), Ewan, Alec, Liam, Ronan and Oren.

    Nurse/doctor: I thought of Galina, a Slavic names that means "hen", and I immediately picture a sort of older, mothering kind of figure. Also Althea/Altha literally means "healer," and has kind of a matronly feel.

    Navigator: Probably not a keeper, but the first thing I thought of was Atlas, as in the Greek figure and also the map. Gives off a "steely" vibe, in my opinion. Aside from that, I think a Greek/Roman names would work nicely here, perhaps not as obvious as Atlas...Octavius (maybe Octavian?) is a bit melodramatic, Leander popped into my head, Cato, Ares, Linus, Achilles, as well. There's also Biblical names, but they're a bit overdone in dystopian lit lately (David came to mind, but many books I've read have a David, as well as Michael, Noah, etc.), though Noam (noh-AHM) and Solomon are potential candidates that are pretty original. Maybe even Ephraim? I don't know. Something sturdy.

    Swordsmen: I immediately thought of Caleb, Lucas and Jacob (or maybe the original Hebrew pronunciation, Yakov). Alaster, Alexandrus, Edvard, Heitor, Hector, Sascha, Siegmund and Xander are all appropriate names that mean "defender", "protecter" or something similar. Or maybe some Irish/Welsh/Celtic name would do better, those tend to sound charismatic and masculine and often have meanings like "wild," "war" or "brave"; Hamish, Liam, Seamus, Fife, Lachlan, Eoin, Kerwin, Donovan, Kane, Egan, Kenneth, Boyd, Gregor, Keir, Conroy, Lorcan, Aidan, Cillian, Riordan, and Angus.

    Cook: Something operatic was the first thing that crossed my mind. Raoul, Wilhelm, Augustin, Marius, Anatole, Ottavio, Amedeo, Godfrey, Baldwin, Emile, Gerrit, Phineas, Samuel, Robinson, Cassius, Rudy, Maximus, Bernard, Mattias/Matthias, Simeon, Prospero, Mortimer, Constantin, Erasmus, Clement, Holmes are all ideas.

    Apprentice: I know I put it as an option for the cook, but Mattias/Matthias could work, or Matthew I suppose. Emmanuel, Benyamin (ben-yah-MEEN), Theodor, Claus, Ansel, Karl, Samson, Otto, Fyodor, Alexander, Daniel, Harrison, Bram, Leonidas, Nathaniel, Frederic, Benedict.

    Archer: Rowan, Mika, Guinevere, Rosamund, Mab,Siobhan, Artemis, Leontine, Bronwen, Elinor, Roisin, Maeve, Freya, Thalia, Bryn, Maire, Briar, Enya, Fiona, Aurora nn Rory, Lisette, Amaryllis, Magdalen, Raphaela, Elowen. EDIT: I just thought of a name I really like for her: Tierney. Tomboyish, unusual, and spunky.

    Whew. I hope that was helpful.
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