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    Down to the final two... Please help!

    We are having a baby girl in a few weeks, and I would love to get some feedback on our final two choices. Our son is named Isaac, and we are liking Eva or Iris to go with it. To me, the main difference between our two choices is having that first initial matching our son's or not. Part of me likes it, and part of me doesn't. What are your thoughts on matching first initials? We are not planning on having a third child, but I guess never say never.

    Another thought I am having is that to me, an Eva sounds like a very feminine, smart, creative girl, and since I don't really know any Irises, I'm just not sure what connotations that name has. My first thought is -- quirky? Bookish?

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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    Eva is lovely, but so overused now.

    I adore Iris.

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    Eva. It isn't that overused; I've only met one Eva. Also, if you chose Iris then your next child would have to have an I name too. Eva and Isaac are a classic and gorgeous sibset.
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    I would chose Eva. I have never met one and it is such a gorgeous name. I am personally trying to avoid names that start with the same letter as my daughters so that would also also lead me to Eva. Eva and Isaac are a lovely sibset.

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    I don't think Eva's overused. It is popular, but it's popular for a reason. Plus, I agree with merrybells that Eva and Isaac go together beautifully.

    I love the name Iris, and I think it can be cute to have siblings with the same first initial...but in this situation, I think Isaac and Iris are too similar. It's not just the first initial. They're both short, 2-syllable names with emphasis on the "eye" in the first syllable.

    My vote is for Eva, but either way-- cute and classy names for your children. Congrats

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