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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    Sorry Ash, but the only one I DID like was Cosima, which I am saying JO-szuh-feen CAH-sih-muh. The O in Cosima is short as in fox. Maybe that's not correct?

    Josephine is such a heavy name, and I'm it liking any of the middles that have O, F, EE, SZ, etc.

    I think it's a really awesome idea to name after your friend. I would pronounce Tzofia kind if like a harsh T plus Z sound on Sofia. I definitely would not pair it with Josephine though because of the O, EE. What if you used your friend's favorite flower, middle name, or something like that? Or Millie itself? Millie would work pretty ideally in this spot between a long first name and a short third name.

    My other idea would be to stray from your usual pattern and put the short name second, as in Josephine Ruth Zinnia Surname, Josephine Clara Tzofia Surname...

    Hope you find something you love, sorry I couldn't give a better review. :-(
    Erm, I'm actually not sure what the most common pronunciation of Cosima is. I've been saying CO-sih-mah. Which is probably wrong, haha. The one site I usually go to for pronunciations says it's generally co-SEE-mah or KAH-sih-mah. I'm rather partial to a mix of the two, though, lol.

    Josephine? Harsh? Maybe it's because it sounds so soft and lyrical in French, but I don't think of Josephine as harsh at all. Maybe that's why I had liked it paired with so many "Z" names. I usually wouldn't go for something with so many similar sounds, but I do really like it with all the Z/Tz names.

    As for Millie--I'm not sure about Josephine Millie. It's cute, but meh. It doesn't really do anything for me. I considered her actual FN, Amelie, but something about Josephine Amelie seemed off, too. I remember when she came to America to visit (her grandmother, ironically, is from the very same area I grew up in, and it was a present to her grandmother several years ago), she was so excited about being "Amelia" in America, so I had thought about Amelia, too (which also happens to be my great-grandmother's mn, so I thought that would be a nice touch), but I'm not sure about Josephine Amelia, either. The last time Josephine was on my list, I had opted for Josephine Emilia, but I just don't love it this time around. It just doesn't seem right.

    Erm, her grandfather's nn for her was Fleurette, so I generally just like the idea of Fleur as a second middle, but that makes it harder to honor family, since most of my family names are only one syllable. Something like Josephine Grace Fleur doesn't work as well, imo.

    I just can't get behind Josephine Ruth! That nightmare was stinkin' awful. It's probably been half a decade and I still can't get those images out of my head, lol. And Josephine Tzofia Ruth doesn't sound that bad to me--is it truly awful? Besides, my little sister's "name" in Spanish is Sofia, Ruth is her MN, and she has a Christmas name (which Josephine could be classified, as well), so I sort of like that every name in the combo could honor Tallie, as well.

    And nah, it's fine. I said I was having trouble with Josephine. It seems like I always do. :/ Either it's too long with the long Josephine and my 8-letter surname, it overpowers the classic Josephine, or something. I'm not convinced the "Z" names (or Tzofia) are really that bad, but I do realize it's not to everyone's taste. I still really like Zinnia, Zosia, and Zofia/Tzofia. I'm not sure where I stand on Josephine Ivy--part of me really loves it, while another part feels like it's unusable to me, for various reasons.

    What would you pair with Josephine? I searched through every single girls' name on the Nameberry database, and this is what I was left with, but I'm certainly open to ideas.
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    after reading all the comments I want to suggest Josephine Eliora Ruth, Josephine Eliora Kate, or Josephine Eliora Grace. I really like Josephine and Eliora togeather. Nothing on your list really stood out to me sound wise, but I really liked the meaning Josephine Tzofia has to you so that would be my favorite off your list I guess.
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    Love Josephine Ivy!!! Beautiful, simple, classic! And I know it wasn't on your list, but I do really like Josephine Ruth!!!! Very pretty!!!
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