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Thread: Claret

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    How do we pronounce this? Claire-Ette or Clai-rit (which isn't exactly the correct phonetic spelling, but I think you get my meaning). What do we think of it's potential as a FN or MN?

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    Claret is interesting. It makes me think of the snack that the White Witch gave Edmund in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (although I'm not sure why!), and wine (for that reason, I'd be a bit hesitant about it!). I would pronounce it CLARE-et. It sort of seems like a smoosh of Claire or Clarity and Garnet, too--all of which I like.
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    Claret is pronounced 'KLAH-ret' (short 'a' like cat) and is a type of red wine. I can't see it as a name.

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    Do you own a winery or something? It's a little.....pretentious sounding since it's a type of wine. Sorta like naming your kid Porshe.
    It is very pretty and I probably pronounce it more like CLAiR-it, as the stress is on the first syllable.
    Maybe as a middle if it has meaning to you.
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    I pronounce it Claire-Et and it makes me think of the instrument. I think Clarity would be a better way to go if you want a name similar to Claire but not Claire.
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