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    All about Claire.

    Couple questions about the name Claire as a first name. . .

    Is it substantial enough? I'm trying it out as a first name for the first time and it seems to be, I don't know, weak next to my other favorite names. Maybe a bit plain to use a nicer term. Am I being crazy?

    What would you imagine as siblings to a Claire? Specifically SISTERS? My other favorite girl names are things like Sadie, Stella, Nora, Julie/Julia, Leah, Evie, Autumn, Maura etc. and none of these seem to "go" like I want them to (but maybe I'm being crazy, so feel free to correct me).

    . . .And brothers? Does Claire work with Alexander, Mark and Patrick? What other names do you imagine for Claire's brothers?

    And lastly, middle name options? Claire was always my go to middle name (as it's a family name) for my perfect combo, but now that I'm moving it to the first place position I'm at a loss. The only other middle names I've considered are Soleil and Ava, which I don't see fitting.

    Thanks for the help!
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    I love Claire. I see it as strong and unapologetic. It's got a nice crisp un-frilled sound to it. I do slightly prefer the spelling Clare, but Claire is beautiful too.

    I see her sisters as Jane and Mae. Actually Claire and Leah does work for me, as does Claire and Nora, because they all seem to have that certain straightforward, classic, smooth-polished beauty.

    Clare and Patrick seem completely perfect together, but Claire and Patrick works too. Honestly I have a hard time matching Mark to anything. I could see Claire working with Alexander if Claire had quite a long middle and Alexander had quite a short one.

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    Thanks for the long list gsjones! I’m really not a fan of most unisex names and think a stunning feminine name could make Claire just as substantial as a more masculine name. Claire Noel stood out to me though! Noel/Noelle is lovely.

    Stripedsocks, thank you too! I think if I had no reason to pick Claire vs. Clare I would actually prefer Clare as well. But as I really have no preference I might as well stick to how my grandma spelled it.

    Jane might be a bit plain for my taste, but Mae could grow on me. I have an issue with the “plainness” of it just like Claire though. And I actually started to adore Nora with Claire right after posting, so I’m glad to see you like it.

    I agree that Clare/Claire and Patrick looks like a winning sibset! I was unsure about Alexander stylistically, but didn’t even think of length. Alexander would probably go by Alex (or some other nickname), so maybe that helps with the length issue?

    Thanks both of you again!

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    Claire... Such a beautiful name. Feminine without being frilly. I think that Claire and Maura would work, and any of your boys names (especially Alexander) would fit with Claire. Compared to your other names, Claire is definitely substantial enough.

    I think Claire needs a long and feminine name with frills to balance out her crisp style. I am happy to see the spelling Claire.

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    Claire Jasmine
    Claire Isobel
    Claire Angeline
    Claire Felicia
    Claire Magnolia
    Claire Juliette
    Claire Annabelle
    Claire Estelle
    Claire Honor
    Claire Jacinta
    Claire Azalea
    Claire Elizabeth
    Claire Rosalie

    Claire Magnolia Pearl
    Claire Azalea Juno
    Claire Elizabeth Rose
    Claire Genevieve Pearl
    Claire Anais Juliette
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