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    All about Claire.

    Couple questions about the name Claire as a first name. . .

    Is it substantial enough? I'm trying it out as a first name for the first time and it seems to be, I don't know, weak next to my other favorite names. Maybe a bit plain to use a nicer term. Am I being crazy?

    What would you imagine as siblings to a Claire? Specifically SISTERS? My other favorite girl names are things like Sadie, Stella, Nora, Julie/Julia, Leah, Evie, Autumn, Maura etc. and none of these seem to "go" like I want them to (but maybe I'm being crazy, so feel free to correct me).

    . . .And brothers? Does Claire work with Alexander, Mark and Patrick? What other names do you imagine for Claire's brothers?

    And lastly, middle name options? Claire was always my go to middle name (as it's a family name) for my perfect combo, but now that I'm moving it to the first place position I'm at a loss. The only other middle names I've considered are Soleil and Ava, which I don't see fitting.

    Thanks for the help!
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