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    Thanks for answering, everyone! Jean and Claudia I'm more hesitant about...i think I'd only use Jean if i hyphenated Louise onto it, and i am almost liking it as much as Scout. It feels a little bit more literary and less trendy, and i like that the reference isn't quite as in-your-face. Jean-Louise isn't quite as obvious as Scout, you know? I'm not sure I'd use it, but it's growing on me.

    Claudia just sounds so cool because i watch a show with a young, hip Claudia in it. All the Claudias i know in real life are annoy 40-60, which makes it feel...too middle-aged.

    Imogen is my special favorite right now, so I'm trying to think of a sib set that would work well with it. I like that Imogen is familiar and easy to pronounce and yet not in the top 1000. I'd love other suggestions for a sib set there...i already dislike a lot of the Berry favorites like Beatrice, Josephine, Wilhelmina, etc. so I'm trying to think of others.
    So far i could see an Imogen with sisters Felicity/Florence (i lean towards Florence, but i like both) and maybe Clementine? The idea of clementine is beautiful, but the possibility of nickname Clem makes my skin crawl...

    Amy suggestions? Do these fit?
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    I like Imogen and it doesn't actually feel that old to me.
    Not a fan of Ingrid. It still sounds harsh to me.
    I actually like Agatha. Nickname Aggie is adorable, and makes it more usable.
    Not a fan of Jean. I much prefer Jane.
    I love Claudia. It's a name I never thought I would live, but I find it beautiful and strong. The lack of nicknames is its only flaw.

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    My friends affectionately jokes that I love "nursing home names"- so I'm on the same wavelength with these older names! I think Agatha is actually really pretty, and shes the patron saint of youth. I also really like Florence (even Florance, though Florence I prefer) and I really like the idea of Flora as a nickname. Other names I love are Dorothy (Dottie or Dolly as a nickname), Violet, Evelyn (nn Evie, though its getting so trendy), Helen/Helena, and June. I really like Ingrid, but I dont like Imogen (doesnt sound feminine enough for me). Martha and Margaret are pretty cute too, and there are endless nickname possibilities for those. Ruthie and Ruby are two other ones that I think are adorable. Hope this helps!

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    Claudia was a name I thought I liked once, till looked up the definition of it. Its meaning comes from the latin word for "lame". That nixed it for me.

    "Derived from the Latin Claudius, an old Roman family name, which is from claudus (lame)."

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    I like Claudia, Imogen and Agatha... I think they are all usable. Ingrid I am on the fence about, Jean is ok ut I prefer Jane as a first name.

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