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    Which MN do you like with Alfred? (suggestions welcome)

    Hey all, out of the options, which middle name do you prefer with Alfred?

    I'm open to middle name suggestions, as well, if you have any ones you think I'd enjoy. Alfred's old-fashioned and classic, so for a middle name I'm looking for something a little offbeat/quirky. "Softer" names are cool with me too, thus something like Winter. The last name is one-syllable and begins with the letter "T"

    Alfred Hector
    Alfred Iker
    Alfred Irving
    Alfred Lorcan
    Alfred Ozias
    Alfred Oberon
    Alfred Kasey[*]
    Alfred Winter
    Alfred Shion

    [*] Spelling of Kasey honors my favorite goalkeeper, Kasey Keller; I'm a big soccer fan
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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