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Thread: Ireland Grace??

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    Ireland Grace??

    After 5 years of triyng I'm pregnant and is a little and perfect princess. And I want the perfect name. I really love Ireland Grace because my baby's daddy and love of my life is Irish. Grace because she is my little miracle.
    But we want another opinion and another opcion but have to be Irish name
    I really love Aileen and Aithne
    Thanks so much, I'm so happy.

    Ahhh the last name is Fitzroy (soooo Irish)
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    Grace is a beautiful name, and congratulations! Personally, I don't care for Ireland. I think a genuinely Irish name (like Erin, another name for Ireland) is preferable. Some Irish names I like:
    Caoimhe (KEE-va)
    Keira or Ciara
    Aisling or Aislinn (Ash-ling and Ash-lyn, means "dream")
    Saoirse (Sir-sha or Seer-sha, means "freedom")

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    Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

    Ireland isn't my style, bit it so much meaning to you. Ireland Grace is a beautiful combo!
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    Congratulations! : D

    Grace is a wonderful middle : D.

    It's wonderful to incorporate a love of all things Irish into your baby's name - I have friends who have done this with their children's names and they are happy with it. If Ireland is the best way for you, then I agree, go for it!!!!!

    Some perspective on the other side, here: Ireland tends to get a pretty negative reaction from people on here. I think they find the sound clunky, and there is the concern as above that it's not a name used in Ireland. I think neither of those is a huge concern but I do think that it's actually worth thinking about if she ever travels to Ireland, studies abroad there, it might be kind of weird for her - nothing insurmountable, but weird. It's also the name of Alec Baldwin's daughter, and the last name of the celebrity Kathy Ireland. Neither of those is terrible, they're just strong associations for some people.

    Erin, noted above, is a nice option, although I'll note that it too, really isn't ever used in Ireland, it's more of an Irish-American thing (that's not bad). Apparently Erin is spelled Eireann in Ireland - that's an eyeful, but it is sort of pretty. I could get behind Grace Eireann (or for that matter, Grace Ireland).

    I absolutely adore the name Aileen, and would love to see it used more. Aileen Grace is beautiful! And I think you could call her Ireland as a nickname with that I beginning.

    In addition to the Irish-origin names above, and others, you might consider:

    Clover (a bold choice, but a symbol)
    Fiona (technically a Scottish name but in the US associated as an Irish name)
    Harper (another symbol choice)
    Emerald ("the Emerald Isle")
    Iris (one letter off from Irish)
    Isla (it's technically a scottish name, but with "the Emerald Isle", you can see an Ireland connection)

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    I love the name Ireland Grace. I think itis a beautiful choice.

    I also have to say that the above poster listed some really great options. I really like Emerald Grace, Isla Grace, and Harper Grace.

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