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    Autumn Mc-- does this work?

    Greetings! We just learned today that we are having a girl! And while we are SUPER excited (we have a 22 month old boy, Sean), we don't have any clear favorites for girls first names...(we quickly agreed on a boys name, Callum (nn-Cal)...but have been stumped on the girls end of things) so we have our work cut out for us. One of the names that we both like is Autumn, although I'm not sure if it works with our last name, which starts with Mc. The m sound blurs together.

    We are pretty sure the middle name will be Gayle, to honor my mother. And I love Autumn Gayle...but not sure about Autumn Mc...

    What do you think? Should we keep this name on our list or move on?

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    Congrats on your little girl! I think the sounds do blend together a bit but if it is a name you both love and agree on I would say go for it...often when first and middle are being used such as roll call ect. it is last name than first name so it would be Mc, Autumn which doesn't have the blurring issue. Autumn Gayle Mc is a lovely name!
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    You say it's one of the names you both like. If it were the only one, then I'd obviously say keep it on the list.
    But if it were only one of many names you like, and you were bothered by this, then I'd say it's off the list.
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    If it were me, I would not use it. Name flow is incredibly important to me because my first-middle-maiden name had terrible flow! I hated telling anyone my full name for this reason.

    But I also agree with cloverish, if it's one of the few names you both like, then keep it on the list. I realize not everyone's a freak like me about sound-flow, and it's possible she'll change her surname when she marries, too.
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    It doesn't have the best flow but but it could be worse. If you both like it, keep it on the list.
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