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    I love Josephine! Its stunning. I've never heard of Posy as a nickname, but it is adorable! I'm not a huge fan on Lynn, but it does have special meaning. I like the above suggestion of Josephine Linnea!
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    How is Linnea pronounced? I've never heard it before
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    I've heard Linnea as Lynn-A-uh. Middle syllable like play or day, last syllable like arm or the first sound in undo.

    Josephine is a fantastic name. Jo March is part of why I love it. Josie and Jo are my favorite nicknames.

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    I adore Josephine! I do agree that Josephine Lynn is quite a lot of n sound, so it doesn't flow the best. But it's sweet to honor your mother, so it could still work. Josephine is a wonderful name!

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    I love Josephine. I've come across a few comments that it's something of an old lady name, but I disagree entirely. More of a vintage feel than old lady. A billion nickname possibilities, and it just sounds so lovely. Only the pretty sounds. Excellent choice.

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