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    Angry Does this bug anyone else?

    I like some weird & wonderful names, as I'm sure many Berries do. I come to this site fully expecting not to have heard of some names before, or not being able to pronounce them. To me that's part of the fun!

    One of the features that I like about Nameberry is that it automatically links a name in a forum to name page with all the background behind it so that you don't even have to search the name if you haven't heard before. Therefore it irks me when people comment on a name saying something along the lines of: "I don't even know what that is" or "It sounds made up".

    You literally only have to click a button on the forum post and the site will take you right to the source of the name. If you can go to the effort to write a comment, surely you can click a button and read a couple of sentences? Isn't that the point of the site?

    Anyway, that's my moan for the afternoon! :-)
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    It irks me too. I get that very often when I post about Basque names (some of my favourites, but I avoid talking about them here). Just because they aren't English doesn't mean they're made up or of any less value.
    "Yuck, how do you even say that? Looks made up to me" makes me super irritated. How aboutcha go google for 5 seconds to find out how it's pronounced, what it means, and where it's from, and THEN decide if it's yuck, because it certainly isn't just a useless jumble of letters
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    I see what you mean, but in the real world, most people aren't berries. Most people on here have come across a lot of names, and if their gut reaction is that a name looks made can feel pretty confident that a lot of people in their country are going to feel the same. That's certainly something I would want to take into consideration with a name, and I think it has a value in that sense. Not that there's anything wrong with trying to be nice about it.

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    If a name isn't highlighted as a link, sometimes it's hard to tell if a name is made up or not. There are some great names (sometimes foreign names) that can initially seem "made up", so I understand why people think this sometimes. Also, if people react that way on a name website, they'll probably react similarly in real life, especially if they don't have someone there to explain the name to them.
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    Ditto @sarahmezz. "It sounds made up" is a legitimate criticism whether or not it actually is made up. For example: even though I know Grayson is an actual surname, it feels made up to me, possibly because the parts of the name (Gray and -son) each have a trendy vibe.

    However, I think it's pretty uncool for "It sounds made up" to be the [I]all[I] there is to somebody's comment. It's just not very helpful or constructive. And "I don't even know what that is" makes me wonder: Why did you bother writing anything at all?
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