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    Name that Description!

    The game is simple: describe someone of any age, gender, etc. and the next poster will put a name to that description. Feel free to describe a character from a book or movie, a friend, even yourself. I made this game because I cannot decide what to name the character I'm writing about, so hopefully this can help other writers too!


    Description- Age 7, red curly hair, green eyes, pale skin. Long black eyelashes and beautiful singing voice.

    (Next poster) Name- Kathleen

    I'll start!

    Description: Teenage girl with long, wavy brown hair and big blue eyes. Pretty, smart, hipster and talented artistically. Not shy but reserved, with quiet confidence.
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    Names: Ashley Jane

    Description: Around 16-17 years old boy with blond hair and deep blue eyes. Very skinny, tall and very pale skin.
    Just a Quebecer teen obsess with name since her childhood. Aspiring at becoming a writer and my character are my children. Naming them is as important as giving a name to a baby.
    My favorite change all the time
    Current for boy: Reid
    Current for girl: Angelika

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    Alec Mason

    Description: A young girl, in her early teens, with green eyes and light brown straight hair. She sometimes wears glasses. She is very tall and pale.
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    Pearl Frances

    An adventurous 11 year old boy, with cuts and scrapes all over his knees because he can be quite clumsy. He's full of energy and loves sharing stories. He's really skinny and frail, with shaggy dark brown hair and big bright blue eyes.
    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
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    Brecken Pierce

    A tall, brown hair and green eyed girl, plays volleyball and swims, intellegent, and 15 years old.
    Strive not to be a success, but rather of value
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