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    Sibling Name for Henry - too close?

    The only name my husband and I both seem to like is Howard. Henry and Howard too close? In the future if we have any girls I'd like their name(s) to be Eleanor and Lola.

    If I can get him interested, I also like William and Oliver for boy's names. TIA!

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    I personally would say yes, Henry and Howard are too similar. But I also know lots of people wouldn't have a problem with it, so it's really just personal preference.
    I think Henry and Oliver sounds great!

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    I think Henry and Howard are really close especially if you think you're going to have three kids since Henry, Howard and Eleanor feels like Eleanor sticks out.
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    I think William and Henry are just marvelous together--but so did Princess Diana--so Oliver and Henry. Eleanor would be a beautiful addition to those two boys. Congrats!

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    I don't think Henry and Howard are any closer than any other 2 names that start with the same letter. If it was, say, Harold and Howard, I think you'd have a problem, but Henry and Howard feel very different to me. If you're going to call Howard Howey, that might be a bit too matchy, though.
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