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Thread: Name help

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    Mother to: Patrick Werner (3/10) , Mary Claire (06/12) and Margaret Rose (05/15)

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    Abigail - I love this it was going to be Amy's name but I have a friend with a daughter called this.
    Cara, Ruth & Nell - Make me think Old ladies.
    Eva & Joy - I love these as a middles.

    Leo - I know like 10 kids called this.
    Hugo - I love Huw but not Hugo.
    Jack - Reminds me of a Jack Russell.
    Zac - He loves this but I prefer Zachary which he hates.

    Kaitlyn-May Elizabeth & Lily-Anne Elizabeth - I actually really like these 2 surprisingly. I'm just unsure how Kaitlyn would be on a older person 40+.

    Kaitlyn/Caitlin/Katherine - I love Kaitlyn/Caitlin. - Katherine is ok but I know 4 around the same age as me so it's out also.
    Eileen, Kathleen, Gwendolyn/Gwyneth/Gwen & Meredith - These are slightly too old for us.

    Tristan & Michael - I love these 2 Names. - Michael would be a middle though.
    Henry - Henry is like No 1 in the UK popularity so it's out.

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    I would assume an older Kaitlyn could go by Kate, Kat or even Kathy. Or since the name was at it's most popular around 10 years ago (at least in the US) it might be by the time your little Kaitlyn is older that Kaitlyn will seem more like an older person's name.
    I didn't realize you were in the UK. I should have since you mentioned being Irish and Welsh.
    Some other ideas:
    Brianna (Brianna-Rose would be a nice double name)
    Craig (I know somebody who goes by Craig-Matthew)
    Mother to: Patrick Werner (3/10) , Mary Claire (06/12) and Margaret Rose (05/15)

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    I didn't think of it that way. I do quite like Kate as a nn as its a family name.

    I love Lucy, Molly and Jennifer. - unfortunately I can't use Molly as a cousin has called one of her twins Mollie.

    I can't use Juliette due to it being a boss of my boyfriends.

    I love Brianna-Rose cause i guess she could go by Rose later on in life.

    Stacey - is a close friend so that's out.

    Grace & Max are out for personal reasons.

    Lilian I like but I prefer Lilianna.

    Laura/Lauren was quite popular when I was young there was 4 Lauren's and 2 Laura's in my class.

    I love Connor and Elliot but these are really popular.

    I love Owen but my boyfriend has a friend with a son called this.

    Criag/Craig-Matthew are out as these are both cousins of mine.

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