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  • Astrid Hermione

    15 28.85%
  • Elara Beatrice

    11 21.15%
  • Hannah Penelope

    18 34.62%
  • Sylvia Alice

    8 15.38%
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    Hannah Penelope wins by a mile! I actually like the quirky combo as I wouldn't of ever thought to put those 2 names together. Sylvia Alice would be next in line followed by Astrid Hermione. The last one out of the four was quite forgettable, Elara Beatrice. The thing about Astrid Hermione, however is that it is the opposite of Elara Beatrice, in that its such a memorable combo. I don't think I'd have the guts to name my baby that but if I did I think it'd have such a huge impact on anyone who ever met her. So the more I write this message, even though I voted Hannah Penelope, I'd like to say Astrid Hermione is the name I won't be forgetting of the four.
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    Thanks for the responses so far.

    If anybody can think of alternative, 2 or 4-syllable vintagey middle names for Sylvia that would go well with our surname, let me know. I also like;

    Sylvia Bronwen
    Sylvia Margaret

    Sylvia Elizabeth was also on the list, but then I realised that the initals SEC sounded a little too close to sex when read out loud!

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    Of the original four, Sylvia Alice would be my number one, then Hannah Penelope, Astrid Hermione, and Elara Beatrice... I'm not too fond of Elara. Honestly though, I think Sylvia Margaret blows them all out of the water. It's sweet, easy to spell and say, and familiar, but not popular.
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    Astrid Hermione C. for me. My next favorite would be Elara Beatrice.
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    Hard decision! I picked Astrid Hermione because I am a big Astrid fan and it has great flow. 2nd favorite would be Sylvia Alice. I love both names but not so much together. Hannah Penelope and Elara Beatrice are tied for 3rd, because Hannah seems so run-of-the-mill next to your other picks, and Elara is a little flimsy for my taste.

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