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    I'm not eighteen yet, I turn sixteen later this year, but I don't think I'd ever change my name. Even though people have pronunciation issues, it is so individualized that I don't want to. I've never really had any nicknames or anything. And I've only met a couple people with my name, at church (which would surprise people, but my name is pretty uncommon outside the Greeks). So I feel like an individual with my name. But if I had to, I would change it to Tessa, because its one of my favorite names and I was almost name it. So I guess I have a connection with it. But, to answer your question, no I would not change my name.
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    At 18, I had a couple of names that I gave to people that I didn't want to have my real name. They were Becky (a random nicknames from some close friends, who still call me Becky ten years later, and no one really knows why) and Alexandria. I loved Alexandria then, and I still do, though I ended up not choosing it for my daughter, and I'm glad I never changed my name. I hated my name (Gina) as a kid, but my dad picked it for me. Even though my brother is convinced it was because of Miami Vice, I'm still glad that I have my name from my dad.
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    I'll be going to college in the fall and I plan to use a variation of my name. I looked into changing my name but it is really a hassle and I want to experience the new name before I go through all of that red tape, time & money. My given name is Frances Irene (nn Frankie which I have hated forever) and I will be going by Francine I. ........ during my first term in college to try it out. Giving thanks to Berries for suggesting it! I've always loved the name Francine and wished that my parents had chosen it over Frances when naming me after after a family member. I'm so looking forward to my more feminine new beginning!!!!

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    I have a year till I'm 18 and I'm not planning on a name change but if I were, I'd want my name to be something less cute than Molly, something more mature and respectable.
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    I'm another Jessica, I didn't want to change my name at eighteen, but I did when I was a little girl. I liked my name when I was really little, particularly as I was known to everyone (at least at home) as Jessie, which always seemed quirky and fun. But I grew accustomed to not being could Jessica by anyone and its started to sound harsh like (I feel) Angelica does. I also wanted to be a Caitlin because I saw this punk girl on a Nickelodeon TV show called Caitlin's Way, if not Caitlin I think I would've wanted to be Annie (since I loved the Disney version.) And I felt that she resembled me (without red-ish hair aha.) But by eighteen, now nineteen, I love my name.
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