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    If you could have renamed yourself when you were 18?

    What would you have renamed yourself when you were 18? Would you have chosen something related to your name for example Anastasia to Annabelle? A different spelling e.g Lesley to Leslie? A nickname for your name instead eg Caroline to Caro? Or something totally different? What's your name now?
    Even though I'm not 18 yet (sweet 16 today!!!) I would pick Either Stella or Mariella.
    Ellie xx
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    Oh I'm an avid reader and a lover of cats, and I do remember around that age or a little younger, I discovered a character in a book called Caitlin. I loved the name and always wanted to meet someone with the name. To this day, I still never have! Also.....not a huge fan of the name now
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    Happy 16th birthday!! I hope you had a great day.

    When I was 18 I loved the name Alana. If I could've changed my name then, that's probably what I would've chosen. I still love that name, but I probably wouldn't choose it now (age 21)
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    Happy birthday, Ellie!

    Erm, when I was 18, I still hated my name. I quite like it now, although I'm still not a fan of the full combo and quite hate my MN (the filler Marie). When I was a freshman in college (I was 19), I wanted to change my name to Ashlyn. I was thinking Ashlyn Maria, Ashlyn Nadia, or Ashlyn Isabelle (or just changing my mn--I think Ashlyn Isabelle was my top choice, although at the time I much preferred Isabella to Isabelle. I just thought Isabelle sounded better with my surname). I always thought I would change my surname to Emerson--I thought it was the coolest surname ever!

    When I was 18, I think I was probably still thinking along the lines of Grace/Rachel/Allison/Maggie/Magdalena. I'm not all that sure that any of those really suit me, though, haha!

    The last time I seriously considered changing my name (about a year ago), I would have changed it to Annabel, Lillian, Eleanor, Hannah, Adeline, or Lydia. I still think all those suit me pretty well, and sometimes I pretend I'm Lillian or Annabel, because I think it would suit me perfectly. I still quite love them all. It just hit me a couple weeks ago how perfect Daisy would have been as a MN for me, too. I think something like Eleanor Daisy or Hannah Daisy or Lillian Daisy or Annabel Daisy would suit me fairly well.
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    Happy birthday! When I was 18 I was in love with the name Sadie. I loved the country/ hippy vibe it let off. I normally would say the things I loved then, aside from music, doesn't really define me anymore. But somehow Sadie isn't something I would've regretted if I had changed my name. My name is Kari btw, pronounced Carry or Carrie, and I've always really liked my own name. Well, except when I'd be called Hairy Kari. Lol.
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