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    Nifty nicknames?

    There's a girl at my work called Sally, and it never occurred to ask her full name, cos...well... Sally. Today I discovered that Sally is short for... Rosalind! How weird is that?! I mean, I guess it works - Rosalind. I just never saw that one coming. I guess I always thought of 'sa' and 'l' being in different syllables of the name, and all that. It's so unusual! Her sibset, btw, is Sigrid (family name), Ondine and Rosalind. Just so cool and odd!

    Anyway, it got me thinking - what are your favourite odd/obscure/counter-intuitive nicknames for girls' names? For example, I now wonder if Rosamund "Sam" could work? Or what about Hermione "Hero"? Or Beatrix "Bix" (My friend has a character named this)? Just any odd, fun, out-of-left-field nicknames you think could work or like! Please link the girls' name it links to - for example "Rosamund - Sam". Don't just say "Sam", or stuff like "Boogey Bear", cos y'know, that's not what I'm wondering about :P

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    A few for me are:
    Elizabeth: Zabby
    Tabitha: Bit
    Isadora: Sadie
    Imogen: Mo
    Anastasia: Asta
    Arabella: Rabble

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    Felicia- Lissy
    Carlotta- Lotta
    Valentina- Lennie
    Eleanor- Leah
    Lesley- Lelly ( my mums nn, so confusing as my names Ellie)

    Ellie xx
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