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    Eli as nn for Elizabeth?

    I am nowhere close to having kids, but I have always thought that if I do have a daughter, it might be nice to name her after my mom. My mom's name is Elizabeth, and coincidentally, my grandmom on my dad's side (who I was named after) always really loved that name and wanted a daughter named Elizabeth, but never had one. I'm not particularly crazy about the name, but I think its a really nice connection. For girls I like a lot of unisex, surname, and nature names, so I think Eli would be adorable on a little girl! And I really like that Elizabeth has so many other nn options : )
    What do you think? Too far of a stretch?

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    Eh, I don't like it. I prefer Elle, or Lili.
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    I love that! Eli is super cute for a little girl.

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    I think that it's cute and very doable. My only minor concern is that people may be inclined to pronounce it like "Ellie" rather than Eli so you may have to correct that. However, one of the great things about Elizabeth is that it has so many different options for nicknames, as you've mentioned, so if she gets tired of correcting people she might just opt for another nickname.

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    It's not my style, but I think it would work well!
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