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    alliterative names

    What do you think of using an alliterative combination for the first and middle name? I think it is a bit juvenile sometimes, but I have a few friends with this, and sometimes I kind of like it.

    For example -

    Madeline May
    Laura Louisa
    Elizabeth Ellen
    Clara Charlotte
    Lilian Lou

    Samuel Scott
    Matthew Mark
    Joseph James
    Phineas Philip

    Just something I've been thinking about. None of these are actually combinations I'm considering for myself.

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    I love alliteration. I think it sounds classy and lyrical. My favorite boy's name is alliterative with two Ls. In your list, I love Joseph James. I do not like Matthew Mark personally, because it sounds like it's playfully after the Gospels and I can't take it seriously as a name. I love the Ph alliteration in the last name listed. I feel like Clara Charlotte doesn't really count, because of the different sound. Elizabeth Ellen is sweet, but I would switch it to Ellen Elizabeth.

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    I love it, but I think it depends on what letter you use, and also what the last name is. I am probably going to use Alice Anastasia or Amy Anastasia. I think it works better with vowels. For example, Elizabeth Ellen sounds similar to Elizabeth Anne, even though the latter two don't start with the same letter. L's do seem to work nicely, too, though. I like Laura Louisa

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    I don't generally like it but it can be lovely. Personally I like

    Lydia Lark
    August Auden
    Mum to Jude Michael

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    I really like it most of the time. It depends on the names of course, but when it's hard to find a flowing middle name I think alliteration can do wonders.

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