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    Some slightly off the beaten track suggestions:

    Jadzia Delphine
    Jazmina Dixie
    Juliska Dale
    Junissa Dove
    Jaina Domino

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    So M'kaela is pronounced just like the common name Mikayla. And Alyza is like Aliza I guess. We try to make sure its has that very Ah sound in the front instead of the ee sound. I do think the names Julia Daphne are very pretty but I thought it would be too common. We have had that problem with M'kaela there's too many of them and her nn Kaeli doesn't help either. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll add a few of them to my list and see what my hubby thinks. If you have more keep'm coming. I haven't seen one that really pops out yet.

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    Junia Delaney
    Jessa Day
    Jemma Danica
    Johanna Dalia
    Josephina Darcy
    Juliana Delia
    Jeneva Diane
    Jana Dominica

    Where does Beniah come from? How is it pronounced?

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    Thanks for Jadzia how is that pronounced? I like the way it looks but not sure how it rolls off the tongue. I was thinking Jadzia Denali? ?

    And Beniah also spelled Benaiah is a biblical name and just like it looks BEN-I-ah. He was one of David's might men only mentioned once. Just waiting for the boy to use it. I can't talk my husband into just naming a girl that. We love it so please don't make it popular we are holding out for our boy. Beniah is very popular in the bible belt I'm surprised its not in nameberry data.
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    Jaliyah Denali - I like the flow, it feels very exotic. Jaliyah seems quite similar in style to your daughters' names. The meaning is debated, theories include Arabic for "lofty", Arabic for "precious/valuable" and Hebrew for "ascent" or "God's ascent."

    Jerusha Day - Bit of a wild card. Jerusha is one of my favorite obscure Biblical names. I love the soft sound and the "inheritance" meaning. Spunky middle name Day perks up the combo, as do nickname options Jerri and Rue.

    Jaya Delaney - Totally modern look, but this name has a long established history! Sanskrit, meaning "victorious", Jaya is the name of a fierce Hindu warrior goddess. Pro: great alternative to the popular Maya/Maia. Con: Jaya and Beniah could be a little rhyme-y, depending on how you pronounce them.

    Jalila Dove - Dove may not be exactly your taste, but I wanted something softer with luminous Jalila, and Dove is a such a universal symbol of peace and hope. Jalila is another name that can hang with today's modern "made-up" favorites, and yet she's an established Arabic name, all richness and beauty. I cannot get over the meaning: "illustrious." Swoon!

    Jahzara Delise - Jahzara, according to modern sources, is an Ethiopian name meaning "blessed princess." I couldn't verify this with a source I consider highly reputable like, so take it with a grain of salt I've paired it with Delise, which is a Latin variant meaning "delight."

    Good luck on your naming journey!!
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