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    A mission for the -ah sound

    I have 2 daughters whose names are M'kaela (nn Kaeli) and Alyza (nn Aly)
    If we have a boy his name would be Beniah to match and we just love the name. However if we have a girl????
    So here is my challenge to Nameberry fans. If we have another girl I would like to use the initials JDC just like mom and dads, but I also want a unique name to match the other two girls. Can you give me a small list(no more than 5 names) of girls First and Middle Names.
    First name has to start with J an end in an -ah sound and Middle name has to start with D.
    [and for all fairness I hate the name Jessica and Dawn or Daniela. We're also trying not to repeat initials M, K or A if you feel some other unique first name is just that good and would fit. I would be willing to hear it if it doesn't start with J]
    J______a D_______

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    Are you looking for truly unique names (Beniah) or unique spellings of popular names (like your girls' names)?
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    My first idea was Julia, which I think is gorgeous, and fits quite well in the style of Michaela and Eliza (which is how I assume your daughters' names are pronounced?)--I can't really think of an alternate spelling that "fits" with M'kaela and Alyza, but I do think it's lovely and has a plethora of lovely nns (Juju, Lia, Lili, Lulu!), or even Julietta, which would also have the added options of Jet, Lettie, and Etta. Something like Julia Daphne or Julietta Daphne would be gorgeous, imo!
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    So M'kaela is pronounced just like the common name Mikayla. And Alyza is like Aliza I guess. We try to make sure its has that very Ah sound in the front instead of the ee sound. I do think the names Julia Daphne are very pretty but I thought it would be too common. We have had that problem with M'kaela there's too many of them and her nn Kaeli doesn't help either. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll add a few of them to my list and see what my hubby thinks. If you have more keep'm coming. I haven't seen one that really pops out yet.

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