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    Weird names and employment

    One if the largest arguments against offbeat names is that it will make future employment impossible. While this may or may not have been the case 20-30 years ago, I really believe this to be myth anymore (unless of course the name is completely outlandish to the general public like Satan or the like) I went back to work in early June. I work in a corporate environment. I have coworkers named Turquoise, Wildflower, and Satchel (man). I have spoken with all of them and they have stated they have never had trouble being successful. How do you feel on this subject?
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    I think with the fact that more and more outlandish names are becoming the norm it won't be that hard for a Rainbow or a Dove or a Blue or whatever to find a job as even a doctor and a lawyer. Also what does the name of a person matter if they're good at the job?

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    What name is on top of the letterhead can't overshadow the details throughout the rest of the resume.
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    Unfortunately it can and does. It's not a huge, overriding thing in all circumstances, but it affects things. Sometimes in ways people aren't even entirely conscious of. Someone may not know why they feel more comfortable choosing Bob versus Barsanuphius or Barley, but they often do prefer the familiar.

    Take a look at these two Freakonomics posts (it's a radio show based on statistics and stories).

    Freakonomics » Bad News for People With Hard-to-Pronounce Names

    Freakonomics » How Much Does Your Name Matter? A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast
    Contrariwise, the story of the brothers named Loser and Winner shows that names are by no means everything!

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    I think that in most cases it isn't much of a concern, but I have a feeling that when it is a choice between Misti and Lauren, that the latter will probably get the job.
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