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    problem with initials?

    just looking for an opinion!

    looking through my list of favourite baby names, a huge amount of them being with C or K.
    however, my fiancee's surname is o'connor! meaning the initials (not including whatever middle name we would choose) would be CO'C or KO'C.
    do you think this is something we should definitely avoid, or do you think the middle name letter (I have no idea what this would be yet!) would break it up enough to get rid of the 'cock' assocation? :P

    i'm just worried because most people don't know/consider a person's middle name, right? so would i be setting up my son or daughter with a lifetime of teasing if I went with a C or K name, even with a middle name breaking it up?

    thanks so much


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    Their initials would be CO or KO, both of which are fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    Their initials would be CO or KO, both of which are fine.

    really, do you think so?

    names beginning with O' are very common where we're from (Ireland!) and everyone I know with an O' surname uses both letters as their initials! my fiancee and all his family use OC as the surname initial.

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    oh gosh - i just realised i posted this on the wrong forum! apologies, guys! is there a way i can move it?

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    In the US, the initial would be 'O'. I don't think it's a big deal in any case, unless the family's in to monogramming everything.

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