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    January Anais Rose is too much?

    Hi, my boyfriend and I choose January togheter but for the middle name we need help because he don't like Rose, so he want Anais and I want Rose. So we think 3 names, but is too much?

    How you like more?

    January Rose
    January Anais
    January Anais Rose
    January Rose Anais
    Rose January Anais
    Anais January Rose

    Help me please!

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    I think it's a beautiful combo.

    From a pronunciation perspective, January Rose Anais is slightly easier to say. In January Anais...the vowel sound at the end of January and at the beginning of Anais run into each other.

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    I really like two middles so I don't think three names is too many but I know some people prefer just one middle name. Still if you love all three names and you and your boyfriend chose them all together than I say go for it, especially when the names are as lovely as the ones you picked! I love love love January, uncommon month names are a favorite of mine and January is so beautiful. Of your combinations I prefer January Anais Rose as I feel it flows best and incorporates the three names in a way that begins with the name you both chose together and continues to the name he loves and ends with the name you love. All your choices are great so I really don't think you can go wrong here! Good luck and let us know which one you end up choosing
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    I love the name January, but I think it's enough of a show-stopper to shine without 2 middles. I feel 2 middles turns it into a confusing mouthful. January Anais is off for me sound-wise with the double "ana" and January Rose is not for me either. I picture a rose in the snow and it's just too cheesy for me. I think January is great, but I wouldn't use it with either or both of these middles. Anais Rose or Rose Anais are nice enough. I would stick with January though and list middles that don't repeat sounds in January and aren't word names that project a clear image or idea.

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    I love the name you have chosen, just as it is in the thread title. Go with it.

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