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    If he's attracted to the meaning behind the Lazarus story (rising from death/ashes), you might consider Phoenix.

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    love Lazarus - he represents coming BACK to life, not death. and Lazer???? way to trendy, trying way too hard. call him Lazarus. and why does religion have to be a turn off? if you dont believe it, how is it different than using a myth or fairy tale name?

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    I'm with @orphanedhanyou - I think of coming back to life much more than death itself! I've been around Nameberry long enough to realize that religion is a big turn-off for a lot of people (not that I understand why, but that's beside the point). I have been reading the story of Lazarus's resurrection in my personal Bible study this week, and just last night I was thinking how very cool Lazarus was, and I was just considering making a thread of my own with it! I probably would have (or will) use Lazarus as a middle, because I feel like Boaz and Lazarus are both way too much strong, eccentric Bible names and too many "Z"s for two brothers. But I do really like it. I have been tossing around Zane Lazarus Peter for a full combo, myself. And I agree, Juniper and Lazarus would be so cool for siblings!
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    I'm drawn to Eleazar (same Hebrew name as Lazarus) and another Eleazar is featured in the Chanukah story as a Maccabee. Lazarus is probably more accessible and easier for people to pronounce, and I've known and liked Russian Lazars which is related, so I've been thinking about it a bit though I'm not sure because I don't follow the New Testament and it seems almost deceptive for me. But not for others!

    That said, I hate Lazer as a pronunciation. The Lazars I've known say it l'ZAR with a very soft l and emphasis on the second syllable, not LAY-zer like laser tag.

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