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    The name Johanna (pron. Jo-hanna)?

    I've always thought it was beautiful but many react negatively towards it - that it's too boring or too 80's/90's...

    I guess if you see most of my favorites, it doesn't really "fit." I had Johanna pinned as a middle name possibility since it honors my mother-in-law (middle name is Jo) and my paternal grandmother (first name is Anna), but I'm starting to really love it as a first name.

    What do you think? Too boring? Too dated? Does it work with sister Nora?
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    I think it is a beautiful name that is different enough to really stand out. I don't think of it as a particularly dated name, though I could see Joanna that way. To me, Johanna has a classic Scandinavian feel. I think it makes a great sister for Nora.

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    I really hate this name. But if you love the name is perfect, is you little girl. I call my baby girl January and my family don't like are all. So is your choise.

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    I think it's nice! And if you really love it, you should use! I'm not the biggest fan of the -a endings on both girls' names though.
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    Johanna is a lovely classic name. While I can see Joanna being a bit dated I think Johanna maintains and air of mystique that make it more current. I also love how the name honors two family members in a way that works without seeming pieced together. I think Nora and Johanna is an adorable sibset, both are classic interesting names that are a bit off the beaten path, just lovely!
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