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    Baby brother name

    Ahhhh!! Im sooooo excited!!
    I'm due with my 3rd handsome boy on November 27th!
    But I beed a little help/feedback with names...

    My oldest's (who is 14 already :0) name is TR.
    It's not short for anything. When we were deciding on names for him when I was 21, I really wanted to call him TR becuz my hubby is AJ/Adam. We didn't like any of the option so we were like screw it! So his oldest brother will be TR and his second oldest bro, who is 4, is Mississippi.

    We live in Chicago but Mississippi is my home and it's a big part of my life still. Plus it's the strongest river in the world But his name is basically Muddy. Everybody calls him that and it's easier for him to say and write on an everyday basis in Pre-K

    So a baby bro name for TR and Muddy??

    What are your thoughts on Rowdy or Tracke? They are both family names we were thinking of I jit wanna know what other people think of them as well...


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    Congrats! I think Rowdy is pretty cute!

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    I'd go for Tracke over Rowdy. Where I'm from Rowdy couldn't be used as a name because of bad connotations. Congrats on your third boy! :-)

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