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    OK, what do you all think of Olympia Georgiana? I know, big pretention, but my other girls are too, so I might as well go for it. That's what they get for having a mother that was saddled with Mary.

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    Also, can I ask for some boy names, too? I'm having second thoughts on Hugh. If it is Hugh, it would be Hugh Frederick. Frederick and Alfred as first names I also love.

    Any other suggestions? Thoughts on Hugh, Frederick, or Alfred?

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    Not a fan of Olympia, Leda Magdalena would be sweet. For a boy...Perseus Alexander or Pax Odysseus?

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    Hugh Frederick= Perfection! Not that excited about Olympia Georgiana much prefer Freya!!!
    current favorite names:



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    We are now loving Alfred Peregrine for a boy. Thoughts? We still love Hugh Fredrick.

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