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    Jul 2013
    I'm in love with Freya!
    i'm seventeen and i think everyone deserves to have sincere thought put into their name.
    girls - hero, sawyer, oona, ellis, rita, dolores, esther, kennedy, thea.
    boys - oscar, abraham (abe), arthur, paul, israel, howard (hal), buddy (bud), peter, sam.

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    I like Sybil with your sibset. Also loving a pp's suggestion of Viola. Freya and Estelle work nicely too.
    What do you think of Thea?

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    Thanks for the responses. My problem with Thea is that it is what my kids call their aunties, so that is out. I like that everyone seems to like Freya. I like it, too, and my husband actually loves it. It's his number 1 name. I think Karolina and Cosima are too much alike, and I agree that Isadora and Zara are to matchy with the ending "ra". There's a part of me that feels like doing a name that ends in "a" will be too much, but I really like all those names that end in a. I do love Louisa, but my husband doesn't love the illiterration with our last name.

    It's so hard to get a name to go with Zara and Cosima.

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    Freya is my fave. Also love Maeve with the sibset.
    current favorite names:



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    Estella is lovely. That would be my first choice. Good luck!

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