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    Interesting thread! Thank you to the OP for posing the question and thanks teachers for weighing in with answers!
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    My rule of thumbs is "I'm going to use the same name your mother does." I teach high school, and it's not uncommon for kids to give me a name they want to be called rather than a name that they are actually called. Or, they'll give me their neighborhood nickname, and a quick call home clears that up pretty quickly. "Sorry, kiddo, but your mama calls you Heather so I'm not going to be using Pookie in class."

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    As an instructor at a university the first day I call role I tell the students to let me know if they go by a nickname or their middle name, if they do they tell me, I make a notation and we move on. When I was teaching elementary or high school kiddos it didn't really matter to me if they went by their middle name or a nickname. My pet peeve is creative spellings and then getting told that you spelled the child's name wrong (because they have a younique spelling).

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    Quote Originally Posted by lieseysmom View Post
    I have had several over the years that decide to go by their middle name on their own once they hit middle school or high school. Makes parent teacher conferences awkward when I say one name and the parent another, but it's all good.
    I once had a student named Elizabeth who went by Lizzie and wrote it on all her papers. In her parent-teacher conference I was referring to her as Lizzie and her mother was obviously annoyed and apologized for her wincing saying she hated that name (which of course was probably why her 13 year old had embrace it). So yes, teacher and probably ever once else, will go by whatever the kid wants to be called. I do know that some kindergarten teachers will want to make sure the child can write their whole name and not just their nickname.

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    Also: Occasionally teachers will be jerks and refuse to use anything other than what's on the official documentation. I would guess this happens more often in high school than in primary.

    One weird thing I've come across is that sometimes a kid will tell you he or she has no preference between a given name and nickname/middle name, but then as time passes, it will become clear that everyone else calls him or her a certain name, and you're the only one calling him or her the other name. This always drove me crazier than being asked to use a specific name outright
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