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    When you enroll your child in school, you can specify the name they go by on the enrollment form (at least in the district I work for), so that name is what ends up showing up on the roster.

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    I'm not a teacher, but in my opinion teachers should just suck it up and use the name the child prefers to be called. I never went by a nickname or middle name since I was always the only Violet growing up. When the kids with longer names or multiple kids with the same name, asked to go by either a short form or their name or middle name, the teachers never had an issue with that. I would never consider the feelings of a teacher when choosing a name for my child. Heck they only have that child in class for a year, so it really shouldn't be a big deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sacwest9 View Post
    I think it is no big deal as long as it is made clear up front which name the child will go by. By "up front" I mean before the first day of school so that the teacher doesn't have to re-make name tags, charts with names, etc.

    Funny, though, as a teacher I was adamant to name both of my kids the name that they would be called (no nicknames).
    This - EXACTLY. I would never think it a big deal as a teacher, and as a parent my child will never have a 'real' nn that they use outside of home.

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    As a high school teacher, the only time I haven't used a nickname the kid asked me to use was when it was his "gang name". Although I will say that I doubt he was really in any type of gang, judging on location and such. Other than that, I will call the kid by their first name, middle name, nickname, whatever. I had a friend growing up who went by Trey because he was a third, and one of his teachers refused to call him that. I thought that was just dumb. I have an aunt who was given one name, a family name, and called by a different name, as the compromise between her parents (she is legally Sheridan, but is called Mindy). It's not that big of a deal. I will usually make a notation in my grade book, and I am savvy enough to remember after a few days that when I see "Michael LN" on anything official it is really Cody, for example. I had a student one year, and now I will of course forget the middle name. I know his first name was Michael, but he has a middle initial I always saw on stuff. It wasn't a C or anything, but he went by Cody. After several months when I got to know him better I finally asked him about it and it turns out his name was Michael Something Dakota Lastname. I never saw his second middle name on any of my paperwork, but that is where the Cody came from!

    I've had kids try to be funny and tell me their name is Jungle Bob. I roll with it. I had a boy one year tell me his name was Frank, so I called him that all year. I could tell from day one he was lying, but I thought it was funny to keep calling him Frank. So he kept writing it on his paper. And it was funny! He finally 'fessed up around Christmas, but by then the name had stuck!

    As a teacher it is annoying sometimes to have to remember that, just to give examples from last year, Agustus is just Gus, Whitney goes by Mikel, and Alexander means A.J. But I roll with it. I have students that I call by their last name because everyone else does. I have students who get nicknames from something that happens in my class (or maybe in another that year), and they suddenly start sticking. I have had several over the years that decide to go by their middle name on their own once they hit middle school or high school. Makes parent teacher conferences awkward when I say one name and the parent another, but it's all good.

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    I'm not a teacher but my brother went exclusively by his middle name since he is a third. He never had any issues with teachers not calling him by his name and because he had some behavior problems the school typically stuck him in the class with the strictest teacher.
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