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    refinnej Guest
    I like Clementine with Phoebe.

    Clementine Eugenie is precious.

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    Susannah and Phoebe are really fun! I like sanna, zanna, sunna and sunni... So many fun nn options!

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    Congratulations! Susannah Eugenie is beautiful and goes great with Phoebe. I also love Phoebe and Clementine together.
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    I love your frontrunner name. Susannah Eugenie is adorable and the perfect match for Phoebe. I hope nothing was said on this thread to discourage you from using it.

    I am personally in love with Clementine, but it is a problematic name, I think, as like so many, I'm not a fan of Clem or Clemmy -- but Zana is darling! (I like it much more than Suzie.)

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