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    Hmmm...really dislike Eugenie [but this is just personal style]. Susannah and Phoebe are lovely and Clementine would be too. Susannah Clementine maybe? I do hate to push out the grandparents names though.

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    Congratulatons! I have a Gwendolyn and I really, really tried to get DH on board with Phoebe in particular and also Margot for our younger daughter. Susannah would have been high on my list had we not had a relative with a similar name that I didn't want to appear to "honor". Susannah is lovely and I think she does match Phoebe in spunk! It's such a sweet and unexpected-but-familiar name imo.

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    Thank you for the opinions! We have gotten great feedback IRL. It seems to put a smile on peoples' faces, which is one of the things I love about Phoebe's name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    1 Phoebe and Clementine - same spunky vibe.
    I agree with Mischa.

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    Congrats! I thought you were having a boy? I loved the name Shepherd! Or maybe I read it wrong in your other post I thought you were having a boy since you were looking for middles for Shepard.

    I like it Sylvia Eugenie best. Then Clementine Eugenie. I like the vibe Clementine and Phoebe make together but I do not like Eugenie paired with Clementine So my vote is for Sylvia Eugenie. Sylvia and Phoebe sound adorable.
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