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    Oh yes! And toiletries! Shampoo, conditioner, contact solution, tooth brush, tooth paste, face wash, lotion, body wash, razor. I don't like the hospital stuff and after doing all that work of pushing and sweating, I wanted to at least smell like a queen even if I didn't look it!
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    Those disposable undies the hospital provide are ick!! So bring your own maternity pads for the bleeding (which could last for 1-2 weeks) and black undies were a blessing (buy the one size larger to make room for the big pads!). Also, I disliked wearing hospital gowns so had a range of looser fitting pants, tops and dressing gown (or a nice large cardigan) that could mix for both pyjamas and day time clothes. They provi most things for the bubs but ring and check. I did take clothes for the bub for our stay as well, as I found the baby gowns hard to swaddle the baby in. I did take my own swaddles as well. Then the other basic stuff, toiletries, phone charger. Oh and I did take a book! Otherwise, other people's suggestions very good as well!
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    They should provide you with nipple cream if you're breastfeeding, just ask. Also, I wouldn't have done this if my sister hadn't told me to, but if you're planning on pumping when you go back to work or whatever, ask them to bring you a breast pump to show you how to use it and they'll give you your own set of pump parts you get to keep, a little tube of nipple cream, and a bag for sterilizing the parts in the microwave. I had bought my own set of replacement parts and was able to return them and get my money back. Let insurance pay for it!

    One thing I forgot to put on my list when I commented before is a nursing bra, one without wires. If you're breastfeeding, you will definitely want and need that!

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    For me, the most comfortable thing was using depends right after birth... I know it sounds odd, but those hospital pads, shift and are bulky... Plus I could just throw the depends away, not worrying about underware...Doing it again this time, works great that 48 hours or so right after child birth.
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    Everyone has pretty much covered everything. If you have a baby book, you might want to take it for the footprint pictures.

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