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    I was in less than 24 hours, but I'd recommend packing extra in case you end up staying longer. Newborns can go through so many outfits with poop explosions/spit up etc. I'd pack extra clothes for yourself as well. I was surprised by how much I bled after the birth (no tears, not painful, just blood) and ended up having to change outfits a few times.
    Definitely bring snacks - even if the cafeteria is open you may not want to go down there right after giving birth. Also bring maternity pads and wipes - the hospital had cheap ones but mine were a lot comfier. The wipes you can use on yourself as well as baby, they are gentler when you are feeling a bit tender. Personally I would find out what the hospital provides and what they don't, but if in doubt, bring all your own diapers and baby supplies just in case.
    Oh - and Lansinoh nipple cream is fantastic if you get a bit sore, but you may not need that right away.
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    Oh yes to the Boppy if you plan to try breastfeeding. That was really helpful & doubled as a pillow for me! I think packing the bag could be part of nesting, in that case, pack away! But the actual necessities are very minimal.

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    I packed a ton of stuff when my son was born and barely used any of it. When my daughter was born I packed clothes for both of us to come home in, a change of clothes for my husband, basic toiletries (shaving stuff for my husband, hair brush, hair ties, soap, shampoo and conditioner), camera, ipad and snacks. I think I packed like two sets of clothes for coming home for both the baby and me just incase something got messy. It didn't matter since nothing happened but my daughter spit up a lot so that was pure luck. I just wore hospital gowns until the day I went home. I bled so much that it got on several of them so I wasn't going to risk clothes that I would have to take home and worry about getting stains out. They provided pads, disposable underwear, pain medicine, laxatives and everything for the baby.
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    The big thing I forgot:
    Change of clothes and contact lens case for hubby - brought them for myself but forgot to bring for him!

    You won't need diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, burp cloths, bottles, a water bottle, maternity pads or other items for perineal care. The hospital will provide all of that. The hospital will also have little white shirts or onesies for baby, but I didn't use them. I only had the baby in his diaper during the hospital stay. That way we could have easy skin-to-skin contact for breastfeeding.

    The hospital will also provide towels and a few toiletries, but you probably want to bring your own. The towels are really small and super scratchy and thin, and your own toiletries will be much nicer.

    I wouldn't bring any clothes you don't want to get blood or baby messes on.

    I was really glad to have snacks! Even though I brought change for the hospital vending machine, I preferred my own snacks.

    I brought my laptop and ipod, but didn't use them. If I wasn't sleeping, I was feeding baby and too tired to care about facebook and all that. I barely remembered to take pictures.

    Besides the snacks and toiletries, I didn't really use all the stuff I brought. But it was fun to pack anyway.

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    I always bought a cute pair of pajamas for pictures in the hospital. There's always going to be photos abound and you know you won't be up for a fancy outfit in a hospital but pajamas that are cute always work, plus you can wear them after pregnancy as well. I always packed 2-3 going home outfits for my babies as I knew there'd be people at home waiting to meet him/her and you really don't know what you wanna put on the baby till you meet them. Ipad, camera, iPhone, these things I always made sure I had. They should provide you with single serving formula and nipples if you plan on bottle feeding so you don't have to worry about that. You wont need diapers, wipes, petroleum jelly, formula, any of that for baby as they will give it to you. Food wise they provide you with water, snacks, etc and if your hubby is there you can have him run to the cafeteria for something if its after hours, but I am sure eating will be the last thing on your mind after having baby If you're a make up girl I'd pack the minimum, mascara, foundation and that's about it. A hair tie and a head band, your own pillow and your glasses and contact case if you have impaired eyes. I love this question! Thanks for asking as I'm due any day with #4 and love to read the suggestions!
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