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    Question What did/should you have packed for the hospital?

    I'm getting closer to my due date and trying to get everything squared away in case she happens to come early and I'm trying to pack the bag for the hospital. What needs to be in there for both me and the baby and is there anything else I need to bring with as well ( like if I already have a pump do I need to bring it with??)

    This is what I think I need to bring:

    Outfits for both baby and I to go home in ( maternity clothes still for me )
    Carseat (in the car)
    Tranquil turtle ( it is one of those nightlight/sound machines that displays wave like patterns on the ceilings and has white noise or waves playing - figured it might be calming for me to have in labor and after for baby and I just to drown out any hospital noise and hub bub)

    Items I'm questionable about:
    Onesies/ outfits for baby while we are there?
    Additional clothes for me?
    Items for me after baby is born or does the hospital provide all of that (to take care of everything now going on down there)
    Snacks for after cafeteria hours?
    Water bottle( I have one if those camelbak ones so it wouldn't spill)
    Receiving blankets/burp clothes?
    Bottles (if necessary to pump instead of breastfeeding)

    What else am I missing or should I cut out? I tend to over pack just to be prepared for anything but we are only 30 minutes from the hospital so we could go back and get something if necessary.

    TIA! I really appreciate all the help!
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    I didn't pack additional clothes for baby, but did throw in a couple swaddles from home, softer than hospital ones. They provided most everything else (diapers, wipes, etc).

    I packed some comfy clothes for me (robe, tank tops and yoga pants) so I didn't have to stick to the hospital gown.

    Snacks for labor coach doubled as after hours snacks. Some water bottles and juice since bfing had me dehydrated 24/7.

    I didn't worry about bottles since there wasn't much to milk came in 2 days after I got home, so I guess it depends on the length of your stay.

    Other stuff I used..
    --Face cleansing wipes for labor and pre-shower
    --Flip flops for the shower
    --Phone/computer and chargers for when everyone runs down your battery checking in
    --Baby nail file!
    --Pillow...hosp ones are terrible
    --Towels (ones that you don't mind getting destroyed) see above
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    You have a lot of good stuff on your list I'm just going to say what I would bring.
    clothes for you to go home in, a couple pairs of underwear you dont mind being stained, and a top you feel cute in (many hospitals have newborn photographers now) a pair of pajamas and a pair of sock and slippers. Bring soap shampoo lotion tooth brush tooth paste hair brush hair tie or headband and some light make up(mascara,chapstick or gloss,moisturizer) an outfit for baby to go home in and one for pictures. A blanket to cover baby in for the trip home carseat in the car. Charger for you and so phones. Camera with extra batteries. Something to keep so entertained during down and snacks for him or change for vending machine. Change of clothes for him deodorant and tooth brush and a pillow and blanket if he is staying the night there. The hospital will have every thing you need for you,pads icepacks pain medicine etc. They will also have diapers and wipes hair brush soap for baby

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    I'm in the US and I didn't need any extras, though I opted to bring my own shampoo, makeup, personal items, some change for vending machines which I never used. I didn't have my husband stay with me & I was in a shared room, I guess this is the norm in NYC, so I didn't bother with anything noisy, though I do suggest stashing an extra phone charger so you have some connection to the outside world. I had my daughter early and found that a big well-packed bag wasn't that necessary. I just had my husband grab my shampoo & makeup bag & some clothes. I literally had a Target bag instead of the cute overniter I bought

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    The hospital provided so much! And they sent us home with extras. I would suggest not over-packing, because we left with way more than we brought with us, plus baby.

    This is what I packed (that I actually used)...
    - robe and slippers (I didn't wear my own pajamas because I didn't want to bleed on them, I just wore hospital gowns the whole time.)
    - toiletries (hair brush, tooth brush, shampoo, etc...I just felt better using my own, but the hospital has stuff they can give you, too.)
    - camera and charger
    - outfit to wear home (maternity clothes)
    - outfit for baby to wear home
    - swaddler for baby (used when going home)
    - Boppy breastfeeding pillow

    I didn't need anything else. The hospital (at least where I delivered - you could always call and ask what yours provides and what they suggest you bring) provided pads, disposable underwear, anything else necessary for taking care of yourself "down there" post-birth, all medications and vitamins you need, diapers and wipes for baby, gowns and hats for baby to wear while you're there, swaddling blankets (double as burp clothes), baby wash and shampoo, breast pump and formula and bottles (whatever you happen to need)...and probably a lot more stuff I don't remember. The hospital where I gave birth also has these rooms on the maternity floor that say "nourishment" on the door (I thought that was funny) full of free food/snacks for you and your husband/partner (juice and soda, ice and popsicles for while you're in labor, bread and stuff to make sandwiches, granola bars, milk and cereal, a coffeemaker, etc.) so we didn't need to bring anything for when the cafeteria was closed.

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