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    Miles with "S" last name

    New here, expecting my first child. We won't be finding out the sex.

    "Miles" is emerging as my favorite boy name, especially since it seems that while DH and I have similar taste in names, we can't really find one we both love.

    However, I'm afraid that because "Miles" ends with an "s" and our last name starts and ends with an "s" as well it won't sound right. My husband and most other people (friends) that I've asked think I'm reading too much into it and we should just use it.

    I also realized that my BIL's name ends with an "s" and I never even noticed, but it is "James" which I feel like has less of an emphasis on the ending "s" than "Miles".

    I'm aware that I could use "Milo" but while it's cute, ultimately I just don't love it like I do "Miles".

    What do you think? Is it ok to use?

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